#DisciplineisFreedom tip #2

By Patty Bafalis November 3, 2015

lemonsHello everyone! I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween weekend! Had one too many candy bars? It’s alright, don’t worry too much about it today. What’s done is done. Remember to forgive yourself.

In my last post I talked about incorporating a couple things into your routine. Going to sleep about 20 minutes earlier and having a full glass of water upon awakening.

Tomorrow morning, I Would like for you to try something different before having ¬†your coffee. Warm up some water in the kettle, about 8oz, squeeze half of a lemon in a cup and add the warm water to it. Drink it while you’re preparing your breakfast. (Beauty Tip: Lemon is a natural cleanser, so if you wish, use that half that you squeezed into you water to clean you face. Just spread it all over, rinse well with water and tap it dry with a paper towel. I like to apply a little coconut oil to moisturize the face afterward. If feels so refreshingly clean and soft)

Warm water with lemon will balance your body’s PH, making it more alkaline since our bodies are so acidic in the morning. This drink will also flush out toxins, aid ¬†digestion and stimulate ¬†elimination.

So, tonight: 1- go to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual

Tomorrow morning: 2- Drink one glass of water upon awakening

3- Drink warm water with lemon before breakfast

Stay tuned for the next tips! Have a blessed week everyone and if you have any questions, just leave me a comment below!


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