Papaya Smoothie

By Patty Bafalis November 3, 2015

In Brazil, we have a dessert called Creme De Papaya that’s made with papaya and vanilla ice cream and topped with creme de cassis liqueur. So simple but so delicious. So I decided to make my own healthy version using Brazil nut milk (or any nut or seed milk of your preference). It’s every bit ¬†as creamy and delicious.

Papaya lowers risk of stroke, strenghtens immunity, supports heart health and has a anti inflammatory effect on the stomach. Make sure your papaya is nice and ripe before you cut it. It should be yellow and relatively smooth to the touch. The riper the papaya, the sweeter the smoothie. This goes for all the fruits.



-Half of a papaya, seeded and peeled. If it’s a small one go ahead and use the whole fruit.

-Brazil nut milk to cover. To make this, just soak 1 cup of raw Brazil nuts for 4 hours or more, drain and discard that water and rinse well. Add to blender with 6 or 8 cups of distilled or filtered water and blend well for several minutes. Run through a nut milk bag and keep in a jar in the fridge for about 5 days. papayasmoothie

-2 droppers of stevia (I like Omica, but any other kind will do) you can also use coconut sugar, good quality honey or grade B maple syrup.



-Blend well and enjoy this refreshing creamy and delicious smoothie.



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