Bad breath no more! #DisciplineIsFreedom tip #4

By Patty Bafalis November 9, 2015

Today we are going to talk about a topic that’s always so hard to discuss. Bad breath. More common than people would like to admit to, but very few of your friends and family will actually let you know if you’re suffering from it.

What causes bad breath (or halitosis)? Well, when we eat, some food particles remain in our mouth, in our  teeth, around our gums and on our tongue. This facilitates the growth of bacteria, causing bad odor. It can also be related to acidity in your stomach (often caused by too much coffee ingestion) as well as other underlying diseases. But most of the time it is linked to poor oral hygiene.

If you follow these tips and incorporate all the other  little changes we have been talking about and the  new ones still to come in future posts,  into your routine, I can assure you that you can kiss bad breath goodbye! You will even notice a decrease and gradually, a complete lack of morning breath as well!

Ok, this one is a given: – Brush your teeth properly;

– Use a tongue scraper (a metal or plastic device, I use the metal one, designed to remove bacterial build up, food debris and dead cells from the surface of the tongue). This is a game changer. Use it after you brush your teeth. You can easily find it online or at drugstores.And last, but not least;

– Floss!!!! Yes! At least once before going to bed. If you’re not a  regular flosser, the first week you start doing it, you will experience some bleeding from gum inflammation. It’s ok, don’t worry. After 3 or 4  days, the bleeding will decrease and it will be completely gone, making flossing  a quick and efficient process. Floss as many times as you wish during the day, but make sure that if you’re flossing only once, do it at bed time to prevent decaying bacterial growth that produces bad breath.

That’s it! Tip #4 is to start a daily oral ritual. You will be able to give your partner a good morning kiss without having to rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth. And think of all the money you will save at the dentist if you don’t have to go in for cavity treatment! Bonus: your dental hygienist will know that you have been flossing because your gums won’t bleed and you won’t have as much plaque build up compared to non-flossers!

Check my previews posts for tips 1 to 3 and stay tuned for more holistic biohacking! Leave me a comment below and make sure to subscribe so you won’t miss my daily updates!

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